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For beginners, we recommend our Work Essential English course. If you are more comfortable with intermediate level English, you can try the Business Essential English Course.

Yes, All our courses come with a certificate upon successful completion and in-class participation.

Your teacher will provide a feedback form to you at the end of your class. Once you’ve completed that feedback form, we will email your certificate within 5 – 14 working days. If you have completed our self-study courses via the app, you will be prompted to request for a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Certificates are normally issued within 5 – 14 business days after completing the feedback form.

If this period has passed and you still haven’t received your certificate, please reply to the confirmation email you received when you booked the class, and state your inquiry.

This way, we’ll be able to track your class details and help expedite your certificate preparation.

Our classes use Google Meet/Zoom. You can access Google Meet/Zoom on your desktop by using your browser, or through your phone via the Chrome browser.

Once you’ve signed up for a class, you’ll get a confirmation email with the meeting link. All you need to do is click the class link during your timeslot to attend.

Participants require a computer/smartphone with internet access, and a Google/Zoom account to sign into Google Meet/Zoom.

Yes, you can turn off your camera and mute your microphone to protect your privacy.

To ask a question, you may click the 'raise hand' button or send a message in the Google Meet/Zoom Chat.

Our teachers will only admit participants into the class within the first 15 minutes. This will help ensure there will be minimal disruptions in the teaching and learning experience of the participants.

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